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    • Queen Moves

      In grandmaster Jacob Aagaard's book "Excelling at Positional Chess" he describes the Queen as being the wizard of the game, (rooks - cannons, bishops - archers, knights - cavalry.) In these tactical excercises found in Tactics Trainer, it will be... | Read More

    • Decoy / Deflection

      An underestimated tactic which if studied and added to a chess player's armoury of tactics will make them a dangerous adversary. This puzzle comes from a position between Capablanca and Fonaroff New York 1904. It is in fact a brilliant tactical c... | Read More

    • Mating Nets

      An essential part of the game is recognising the patterns which are formed in mating nets. Practising tactical exercises is a good way of reinforcing the memory of these patterns. An example in which I was able to spot a very important pattern is... | Read More

    • Combinations

      The game gives us a satisfaction that Life denies us. And for the Chess player, the success which crowns his work, the great dispeller of sorrows, is named 'combination'.  ~ Emanual Lasker A collection of puzzle links for combinations which r... | Read More

    • Queen Traps

      Winning your opponent's queen is a quick way to win a game of chess. How often do these opportunities arise and are just missed? http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=183031 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=150321 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=3... | Read More

    • Tactics

      This glitch in tactics trainer left me feeling like I'd won on the scratchies! The same 1 move problem came up 6 times consecutively. Even the timer wasn't working - I know I took a few seconds the first time. Apr 15, 2013 12:02 AM 0040479 1701 1... | Read More

    • Knockout Checkmates

      Links to Tactics Trainer "Knockout Checkmates" http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=28677 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=23694 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=739 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=24654 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=22069 h... | Read More

    • Queen & Knight Mating Puzzles

      What makes the queen and knight duo so dynamic? They seem to fit together like hand and glove when they start checking the enemy king.                   http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=89874 http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=... | Read More

    • Endgame Puzzles

      One goal I have is to learn those essential endgame lessons. In this thread I'll keep track of lessons with puzzles and links to Tactics Trainer puzzles. http://www.chess.com/tactics/?id=299861 The current stats for this problem are: Problem I... | Read More

    • Correct Endgame Exchanges

      As we head into the endgame we're often faced with the decision of whether to trade or not. It might be like for like, as in removing a pair of rooks or an exchange leading to a material imbalance, such as a minor piece for three pawns or a bishop... | Read More