Dr Phil Plays Chess - A New Show!

Dr Phil Plays Chess - A New Show!

| 10 welcomes you to join CHESS THERAPY a new TV show airing live on August 24th at 2:30 pm PT and is free to all members. Hosting will be none other than yours truly: jdcannon. Not only will I be joined by a string of titled players as guests to answer all our study related questions, but I will also have along for the ride a rotating co-host including:








But wait, there is more! 


YOU! For the first time, is giving viewers the opportunity to join the show live. All you need is a Microphone, Web Camera and a desire to have your pretty little mug up on the big screen! Interested? Join the group—Chess Therapy—for more details.


Okay, so fine I can get on Chess TV; what's the show all about? Glad you asked. Its a study group, a book club, a bird, a plane.... Its Chess Therapy. Twice per month, always on a Monday, we're going to get together and discuss a chess book (and a feature) that we're all reading together. We'll look at some examples from the book, talk about our favorite parts, how it relates to our overall chess improvement, our struggles. The whole shebang. As mentioned above, we'll have titled players to answer our questions:

  • Does watching chess videos even help me learn?

  • How do I keep from forgetting what I read?

  • What about 19.Bxf7? The book doesn't even mention that move!

We can tackle all these and more! We're limited only by our effort and imagination.


Our first book is an absolute classic—in fact Botvinnik thought it was the greatest chess primer ever written. That's right, we're kicking off with Capablanca's Chess Fundamentals. Don't have the book? Don't worry, you can get it for free (legally) HERE on Google Play. Want the paper version? You can find it HERE.



We're also going to work through material and what better place to start than with's own STUDY PLAN. We're going to give the intermediate plan a go! But if that is too much, let us know and we can always drop back to the beginner plan. I am particularly excited about the study plan because we're doing the Daily Chess tournaments meaning we'll get to interact even when we're not live!


To be ready for the first show please read chapter one of Chess Fundamentals and start working on Task 1 from the intermediate study plan—learning the first 7-10 moves of key master openings. Don't play the openings there and want to know why you should learn them anyway? That is a great question. Join the show and ask! We'll figure out an answer.


What if I'm not a premium member and don't have access to the material. Pssh! Diamond is only $14/month or $99/year ($8.25/month). Skip your Starbucks twice a month and your golden... or should we say Diamond? Or you can volunteer with LIVE CHESS PRESENTERS and earn your membership for free! Apply HERE. Not an option? Don't worry, join us anyway!


I hope you see you all at 2:30 pm PT on August 24th for our first ever episode of Chess Therapy! It'll be a blast. Lets do this thing!