Chess Weapons of Mass Destruction

Chess Weapons of Mass Destruction

Jan 20, 2012, 12:01 PM |

The UN has yet to investigate whether there are Chess Weapons of Mass Destruction.  And yet it should be cried from the highest rooftop...OPEN YOUR EYES!  Or are they wide shut? 

Seek and ye shall find them...they are hidden in full view!

When the smoke clears, my Comrads...after you have fought each chess battle, to gain just that small edge which leads down the glorious Path of Victory - recognize the shock and awesome power of the Nuclear Weapons of Chess.

THE FORK.  Double Trouble...and Deadly.  And it's the Knight's specialty.  He can rip your heart out as he attacks two of your pieces at once.  I hope for your sake that it's not your very King and Queen that suffer this terrible fate. 

THE PIN.  You find that your Rook is under attack from that sneaky enemy sniper, the Bishop.  And he's using long range technology worthy of an M24 with a telescopic sight!  That's bad, right?  But it gets MUCH MUCH worse.  Just Behind your assaulted Rook cowers your Queen, and she will surely die if your Rook tries to flee and escape.  OOOH that hurts!

THE SKEWER.  Similiar to the example above...Your opponent's sniping Bishop is again launching lethal .300 Winchester Magnums at your most prized possessions...your Rook and Queen.  Only this time, it is your QUEEN in the front lines, taking the brunt of the Bishop's attack...and it is your Rook that hides behind the Queens's throne!  You've just been skewered!!! 

DEFLECTION.  In warfare, the tool of propaganda is deception.  So...Beware of the incoming missiles of delusion, deceit, and duplicity .  But Your King and Fearless Leader is surely safe as he is guarded by the Royal Palace Guard (be it the Rook, Knight, Bishop, or even his Royal Lady).  But your Enemy distracts the guarding piece, just long enough to make assasination a reality.  In a brilliant flash of blinding light...Your King is Konged!!  Game Over!!!

to be continued...