Please help me!! I have a Deadbeat for an Uncle...

Sep 2, 2012, 3:04 AM |

...and he constantly tries to control me.  He tells me that he loves me, yet his actions tell me otherwise.  He claims that he knows what's best for me...but I can see through his lies. 


And My Uncle ALWAYS needs more money...and over the years, I have actually given him a large share of my income.  Not that I wanted to.  But I know that if I didn't give it to him, he would hurt me.  But now my Uncle claims that he has no money...and is in fact totally bankrupt. 




Recently, his behavior has become increasingly violent.  This has me extremely concerned!  I also know that he spies on me.  Yet he claims that it is all good and that he does it to make me safer!


My Uncle is constantly making promises that he doesn't keep.  And every four years...he says that he can make everything right again...but they are the same old lines that he has used before.


Does anybody have an Uncle like this?


Oh yes, by the way, my Uncle's name is Sam.