Internet Attack Explained in 3 and 1/2 Minutes!

What is net neutrality and how is it NOW under attack?!  Cartoon video describes the MAJOR CONCEPTS quickly and easily!!  Remember...this is happening on OUR generation's watch!!!


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    Here we go...

    as quoted from


    Comcast could impose data caps on customers...

    "Those who use massive amounts of data will simply have to pay more.

    That is in essence what Comcast told its customers on Thursday.

    The nation’s largest Internet service provider (ISP) and cable giant also responded to the Federal Communications Communication’s (FCC) net neutrality proposal –

    and the two events could be closely tied together."

    =============================================================== you think????

    Looking into my crystal ball...

    I see the amount of data used

    that they consider "massive"

    to start out at one amount

    and end up at a MUCH LOWER amount.

    They're playing us for fools...again.

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     Mistakenly we thought that the Internet would free the world from many, many mistakes made by governments in past years: that we were and are still ingenuous! 

    A great philosopher and scientist once said, a great and wise truth: "We are all in a fence that is getting smaller and we scientists often we are just barking dogs in a fence bigger." 

    We all feel more "free", but we're just in a larger fence where the commercial interests, political and industrial look happy in those ingenuous that move "free" and "happy" in big fence..... 


  • 2 years ago


    FCC TOM WHEELER is providing cover for elite media against NET FREEDOM FOR ALL.

    Thomas E. Wheeler is the current Chairman of the Federal

    Communications Commission, appointed by Obama and confirmed by the

    U.S. Senate in November, 2013.


    Prior to working at the FCC,


    worked as a 


    for the cable and wireless industry,

    with positions including

    President of the National Cable Television Association (NCTA) and

    CEO of the Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA).

    And WHO gains by removing net neutrality??

    Why it's...none other than....(drum roll please)   

    the cable and wireless industry!!!

    What a coincidence!!!!!

    You can reach Wheeler directly at Tom.Wheeler@FCC.Gov

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