Bobby Who?! No...I was the Greatest Chess Playa of All Time!!

Bobby Who?! No...I was the Greatest Chess Playa of All Time!!

Mar 8, 2012, 3:24 AM |

I was known for my EXCEPTIONAL WORLDCLASS endgames.  And I was built for speed.  In fact, my nickname was the "Human Chess Machine".

I was born the son of an army officer.

I learned the game at the age of 4 from my Dad.  And shortly thereafter, I actually started beating him!!

I got good and I got fast.  I could see at a glance what it took others hours to see. 

My style was a perfect fit for the phenomenon known as "simultaneous exhibition".  In 1909, at the age of 21, I went on a tour throughout the U.S....playing 602 games in 27 cities.

I was Chess Champion of the World  from 1921 - 1927.

I died today...March 8, back in 1942 at the age of 53.  The cause given was a cerebral hemorrhage provoked by hypertension.

Who am I?

Well...I know who he is.  I'm the one he beat in 1921 to become World Champion!!  And as I have said in the past, " "I have known many chess players, but only one chess genius."

And I'm the one who took the Crown away from 1927.

I will say it again, as I said right after he died..."he was snatched from the chess world much too soon. With his death, we have lost a very great chess genius whose like we shall never see again.

So yeah...I know who he is.  But I'm not telling.

You are invited to take a guess below.  (But I must warn you...all those who give a wrong answer will receive a slight electric shock through your mouse!)