Ride with Bobby Fischer on his private jet...

Ride with Bobby Fischer on his private jet...

Jan 6, 2012, 4:04 PM |

Come grab an aisle seat to watch and listen as the World's Greatest Chess player travels from Japan to Iceland.  

Bobby says some pretty amazing things as the stewardess serves our drinks.

Here is a brief timeline of the attached exposee...

Part 2 of 3 

0:04 :  "tail-end" of a discussion on Hollywood Chickenhawks???!

0:50 :  Will the U.S. come after you?

2:11 :  Benefits of living in Iceland vs. U.S.

4:00 :  Bobby Fischer says he hates chess!! and then gives all the reasons.

           Is this blasphemy from the high priest of Chess??

Part 3 of 3

0:30 :  He says that he is not anti-chess but pro-chess.  He is trying to keep it


1:08 :  Are you the best player of all time?  "Yes" and gives all the reasons.

2:07 :  Are you the most talented player of all time?  "Yes" and gives reasons.

2:25 :  He says that he doesn't like to delve into the "old" chess because he "hates

           it so much." 

           And then adds "I don't want to promote the goddamn game".

3:06 :  Chess is a "search for the truth".

5:43 :  Did you gradually come to hate chess or did it come suddenly?

6:19 :  Do you regret stopping in 1972 and not playing Karpov?

End of flight.  Wow...is there anything that we can discuss here!!!!!!!!