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Amazing Differences Between Men and Women!!

Amazing Differences Between Men and Women!!

Feb 24, 2012, 2:29 PM 0

Do men have larger brains than women?  Do women use more of their brains than men?  Let's get inside our heads and find out...



Well, for starters, women focus more on talking through issues, and non-verbal cues (tone, emotion, and empathy).  In contrast, men are more task-oriented and less talkative…more isolated. Men also have a more difficult time understanding emotions that are not explicitly verbalized. 

This helps explain why men and women sometimes have difficulty communicating!!


Left brain vs. both hemispheres. Women tend to process equally well between the two hemispheres.  But with Men it is the left brain that is the stronger “processor”.  This explains why men are stronger with left-brain activities and approach problem-solving from a task-oriented perspective while women typically solve problems more creatively and are more aware of feelings while communicating.


Reaction to stress

Men have much more of a "fight or flight" response to stress situations than women.  The reason for the different reactions to stress is rooted in hormones. The hormone oxytocin is released during stress in everyone. However, estrogen tends to enhance oxytocin resulting in calming and nurturing feelings; whereas testosterone, which men produce in high levels during stress, reduces the effects of oxytocin.  Thus leading to perhaps a more "violent" response.


Brain size. Typically, men’s brains are 11 – 12% bigger than women’s brains.  NOT SO FAST GUYS!!  This size difference has absolutely nothing to do with intelligence, but is explained by the difference in physical size between men and women. Men need more neurons to control their greater muscle mass and larger body size, thus generally have a larger brain.

So...let's summarize these differences through a real life example..........




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