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The ChessMaster of Darkness...

The ChessMaster of Darkness...

Feb 10, 2012, 5:10 AM 1

Who am I.  Well, I ALWAYS play black, and I never lose...cause I'll stab you in the back, IF I so choose! 

My specialty is LIES and I do not compromise, and My number you WILL recognize. 

I play on the Global Chessboard of Life itself, and I have a special endgame in mind...just for you! 

My plan is an olde one...it has been well publicized, and criticized...and when it comes to pass, IT WILL BE NO SURPRISE.

Who am I?  If you're reading this now, to this channel stay fixed. 

My number you ask?  Oh yeah..........6,                6,                and              6.

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