The End of the Internet As We Know it?!

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has just approved a plan that would allow large ISPs to charge sites MORE to receive PREFERENTIAL bandwidth treatment, which would hurt smaller companies and websites with less resources.

Do you know what that means???


Large players will monopolize the they now do with cable and broadcast television.


Per the Washington Post today, May 15...


 “Smaller companies that can’t afford to pay for faster delivery would likely face additional obstacles against bigger rivals. And consumers could see a trickle-down effect of higher prices as Web sites try to pass along new costs of doing business with Internet service providers.”


What difference does this make to YOU, you say?

Besides YOU probably paying more...perhaps not much, as long as you're happy with the mainstream media and all their spin that goes with it. 

And all their Propaganda and Dumb-down programming.

But if you follow sites that try to find the "real" truth...

the ones that are not afraid to expose TPTB for what they really are...

THEIR days could be numbered.


And so much for a free speech internet.


It's the end of the internet as we know it.





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    Is being an accessory to destroying the internet funny, Wheeler?????

                                ?                                                   Tom Wheeler (FCC) 


     In the meantime, there is also THIS related issue, as quoted from

    "Critics of the Obama administration’s naive and baffling decision to relinquish control of the Internet’s basic functions got a real boost over the weekend, with former president Bill Clinton joining the fray."

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    Chess players...

    Think of FCC's move as a "check".  Not quite yet "mate".

    It's now OUR move...

    and it needs to be a good one.

    Otherwise, we WILL lose this game.

  • 2 years ago


    Yes, the war itself is not yet lost... 

    but IS a significant step toward the "doomsday" scenario.

    Again...quoting the same article from the Washington Post...



    "The plan is not a final rule, but the vote on Thursday is a significant step forward on a controversial idea that has invited fierce opposition from consumer advocates, Silicon Valley heavyweights, and Democratic lawmakers.

    The FCC will now open the proposal to a total 120 days of public comment. Final rules, aimed for the end of the year, could be rewritten after the agency reviews the public comments.

    Critics of the plan, as it stands now, worry that it would mark the end of net neutrality, the principle that says that all content online should be treated equally by Internet service providers."





    So...the plan HAS been approved.

    And yes, the "public" has been given 120 days to object to their "plan".

    So at least for the time being, the war rages on.

  • 2 years ago


    The plan has not been approved. You're jumping the gun, providing a doomsday scenario.

    The FCC has received tens of thousands of emails and calls about this. The issue is not resolved.

  • 2 years ago


    We're on the front lines of a digital war.

    And today...we lost a BIG battle.

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    I'm honestly just surprised it has lasted this long. But maybe it will be a good thing to get us off the Internet and back to interacting in the real world? Silver linings and all that!

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