Uh oh...We got one that can SEE!

Dec 26, 2012, 3:41 AM |
Subliminal Mind Control is GOOD for you!

Let's all go to the Movies!!

Back in 1957, during the intermission advertisements...the words  ‘Eat Popcorn’ were projected onto the movie screen for a fraction of a second.

The duration of the image was so infinitesimal it could only be picked up subconsciously.

But could appealing DIRECTLY to the subconscious really change anything.

Well...directly after they used this technique...the sales of popcorn literally sky-rocketed!!




Now take a look at the example below...what are they trying to sell?

Do you see it.

Many people don't...but once you do, you'll realize how they operate.


...it may or may not be easier to see when in color...



Hidden right before your very eyes!!

Much like everything else they do.






But by far...the reigning King of the Brainwash is...

someone who you know quite well.

He's been with you all of your life...

talking to you

guiding you

telling you what to think

telling you what to buy

and what to eat

and how to dress

and how to act.

In fact...you may have spent more time with him than your loved ones.




Do you trust him??????