C60 Ruy Lopez

C60 Ruy Lopez

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At the most basic level, White's third move attacks the knight which defends the e5-pawn from the attack by the f3 knight. White's apparent threat to win Black's e-pawn with 4.Bxc6 dxc6 5.Nxe5 is illusory—Black can respond with 5...Qd4, forking the knight and e4-pawn, or 5...Qg5, forking the knight and g2-pawn, both of which win back the material with a good position. White's 3.Bb5 is still a good move; it develops a piece, prepares castling, and sets up a potential pin against Black's king. However, since White's third move carries no immediate threat, Black can respond in a wide variety of ways.

Traditionally, White's objective in playing the Ruy Lopez is to spoil Black's pawn structure; either way Black recaptures following the exchange on c6 will have negative features for him, though he thereby gains the bishop pair.[3] White does not always exchange bishop for knight on c6, however, but usually in the various forms of the Exchange Variation (ECO C68–C69).


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My Take -

 The most common response is a6. So I only looked over games that had 3. ..a6. Below, you will find a link to 20 Ruy Lopez games.

There are 10 games each of the exchange variation. 5 x 0-1  and 5 x 1-0

There are 10 games of the Ba5 variation. 5 x 0-1 and 5 x 1-0

These are the games I used 

4. Bxc6 - Exchange Variation

    This leads to an open position.

    White -  

            Works for  queen side opportunities.

            Often uses d-file to stage attacks. Sometimes uses the c-file as well.

            Must watch for threatening king side attacks.

    Black -

            O-O-O There seemed to be a disproportionate number of 0-1 games with this.

            Try to build pressure along e and f files.

            Must work to prevent whites control of the d-file. And the c-file if white is about to or has gained control of the d-file.


4. Ba4 - 

    This seemed to lead to closed positions. Painfully, long closed positions from the looks of it.

    I was not able to find any clear plans for either side other than to outsmart the other guy.

    The commentator in the ChessWebsite.com video above mention that the Ruy Lopez favors the higher rated player.


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