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Journey to Chess Master #1

Journey to Chess Master #1

Nov 21, 2017, 7:53 PM 10

Hello! I haven't written many blogs yet, but I want to record my progress and improve from it.  I have a goal of being a chess master asap (I keep trying to set a time, but it isn't working).  Anyway, I have played in a large number of tournaments recently, and I hade substantial progress in my rating and play.

I played in 2 tournaments back to back, and then a third is upcoming, but I will save another post for that.

I will show my best games.  Let's get to it!

This first game was against a 2238

The next round, I played a 2380 that I have played a lot before.  I lost, but it was an interesting, attacking game, where I only made 2-3 mistakes.

The next tournament, It was state grade levels.  I was the 2nd seed to someone that I've lost 9 times to.  I had prepared for my matchup with him constantly in the week before



I had some crazy games in those 2 tournaments!  Here are some highlights of my tournaments in the form of puzzles.




 After the 2 tournaments, I went from 2135 --> 2154.  I feel like my play has improved.


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