Top 5 Basketball |Players of all Time

Jul 29, 2016, 12:25 AM |

Basketball is growing globally as a sport, and with highly significant history, it is important to explore some of the best players the game has ever seen. Like many sports in recent times, management decisions are increasingly being made by analytical experts. To enter this industry, it’s important to have a strong educational background, which traditionally is obtained through a school environment. In recent years, the advancement of technological resources has made studying at a VU online a real possibility. 

It is even realistic, despite requiring a lot of reading and motivation, to study for a master of science in analytics in an online environment. This degree will likely give you the edge over other applicants in the industry, and if you're passionate about Basketball, then what better way to combine your love of the game than with a strong academic background. 

Below is a list of the Top 5 Basketball players of all time, a taster of some of the history it would be advantageous to know about, if you're considering entering the Basketball industry as an analytical expert. 

5 Kareem Abdul Jabbar

With arguably the most unstoppable move in the history of Basketball, Kareem played center position throughout his 20 year career for the Milwaukee Bucks and, most notably, the Los Angeles Lakers. Winning six NBA championships, five with the Lakers, Kareem has to be considered in the top 5 of all time, particularly after scoring the most regular season points of any player in the league's history. 

4 Magic Johnson

Magic Johnson redefined the point guard position at 6 Foot 9. He had the ball handling skills of a guard, with the size of a forward, and could essentially play all five positions. He helped the Los Angeles Lakers to the finals in his first season, ending up with MVP honors to boot. This is a feat which is unlikely to ever be achieved again, and combined with four additional titles its difficult to argue his greatness.

3 Larry Bird

Arguably one of the best shooters in the history of the game, Larry would out think you with one of the most tenacious competitive instincts of anyone to ever play the game. He could dominate the game without scoring the ball, and was the ultimate team player who could also humiliate opponents. With three NBA titles and a historic legacy, he has earned his place at three on this list. 

2 Wilt Chamberlain

A Bohemia of the game, Wilt Chamberlain did some things which are impossible to believe. One season, he averaged 50 plus points, and he once scored 100 points in an NBA game. He was the most dominant force of his time, and if it wasn't for Bill Russel's ultimate team of the 60s, who knows how many titles he'd have. 

1 Michael Jordan

And that brings us to number 1. The one and only transcendent figure in the game of Basketball. Six NBA finals appearances, six Finals MVPs, an untouchable will to win and the epitome of Basketball. An idol of the game, whose achievements will probably never be matched, Michael Jordan was the ultimate competitor.