To All My Homies Out There....

This blog is dedicated to ALL my homies......

    • For the win!

      So tomorrow i have a skateboarding contest, out of state, cash prize, wont be home till like 10/11pm, then gonna party a lil and crash at my friends house, gonna be fun, cant wait 🔥👌 | Read More

    • Death. (Pt.2)

      So my uncle lasted 2 weeks longer then the doctors said. Last person to see him was his sister. (My grandma) She said he went peacefully without pain, I'm glad to hear that. I know I will see him again one day. Thank you all for your prayers and ... | Read More

    • Death.

      Death comes to everyone, we can't stop it. I was just informed my Great uncle has till tonight to live. He is in his 50's (which is still younge) His lifestyle (Which I will not descuss on here) Has lead to this, I hope and pray he will live ... | Read More

    • For my homie...

      This song is for galaxychess123.... If not for me then you'de be dead..... | Read More

    • Funniest Youtube Music Video Ever!!!!

      Omg In my oninion this is the FUNNIEST Yt Music video EVER.... ..... Please watch!!!!!!!!!!!! | Read More

    • To All My Homies Out There....

      This song is for my main Homies.... Mainly for my man Eli, Galaxychess123, Pranj and FaceBook If I forgot any homies im sorry but ur still my homies! Till next time, cya  Bruh Bruh...... | Read More

      • martineau13
      • | Dec 23, 2014
    • Time....

      Time is something we all take for granite, something that is to precious and must be treaured, used well and not abused. You's your time well for time is the only thing we "can't" stop, it slips through our hands like sand through an hour glass, l... | Read More