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Sep 4, 2014, 1:33 PM 6

Time is something we all take for granite, something that is to precious and must be treaured, used well and not abused. You's your time well for time is the only thing we "can't" stop, it slips through our hands like sand through an hour glass, like wind through the grass, it is one of the  things that cannot be stopped, it keeps going and going, building and destroying. Time can build the greatest empire or destroye it. with the passage of time comes alot of things, love, sadness, death, life and so much more.

Dont waste your time, its the one thing you cant afford to lose.

Play your cards right and live life to the fullest, chasing after your dreams and not backing down to anything or anyone, dont let anyone stop you from being who you are, and dont spend time argueing for when you do wasting time, while the rest of us are saving time.

What will you do with your time???

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