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Jan 31, 2015, 2:33 PM 7

Online chess is basically standard chess with an unlimited amount of time. You're able to basically analyze the position for as long as you want

1) ANALYZE THE POSITION BEFORE YOU MOVE! Since you get infinite time to think in an online chess game, always analyze your positon and think for as long as you want to before moving. Instead of rushing your move, take your time to find some tactics that you can put in and give yourself an advantage in the position.

2) USE THE NOTES FUNCTION!! There is a tab that says "notes" in the tab that says moves, chat, and details. Since there will most likely be a 1 or 2 day gap between each move you make, you will most likely forget what move you planned to make before. Use the "notes" tab to record what you were planning last time you closed the window so you can continue the strategy you were using.

3) USE THE ANALYSIS BOARD AND FLIP BOARD FUNCTION! The flip board and analysis board functions next to the moves in the moves tab are very useful when analyzing a position. The flip board allows you to see the board from your opponent's perspective, which allows you to see your opponent's strategies a lot faster and easier. The analysis board helps you analyze the position and the possible moves you can make on a board instead of doing it all in your head. 

4) THE OPENING: In online chess, since there is infinite time, playing any opening will be good. I like to use online chess as my "opening tester," so I use a variety of openings in online chess and test how well I play starting with those positions. 

5) THE MIDDLEGAME: The middlegame is probably the most tactical part of an online chess game. The middlegame is also when people mess up the most in online chess games. Always check your moves before moving in the middlegame. Try to use the analysis board/flip board function to make sure you didn't hang anything or miss out a tactic.

6) THE ENDGAME: The endgame is usually the most intense part of a chess game. Usually, both sides are almost even in material, and if you make a minor mistake, you will lose the game. Since there will be less options for moves in the endgame, try to use the analysis board to analyze as many reasonable possibilities as you can. Usually in my endgames, I analyze up to 4 or 5 moves ahead on the analysis board.

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