..., but I missed the decisive tactical blow!"

Mar 2, 2009, 8:19 AM |

          ..., but I missed the decisive tactical blow!

To be honest, I was always good in tactics! But many, many years I had problems in opening play. So ten years ago  I decided work at that weakness. It was the beginning of a long learning process. It absorbed so much time and energy, that I was  no longer interested in tactics. At least did not take much care of it.-

Nowadays I have become better,- not perfect :-)-  in opening play. Some of my former creditors begin to fear me now therefore. At least I hope so!:-)

Yesterday I played in teammatch in my hometown an almost perfectCatalan opening. Everything worked well together and my opponent seemed to be completly outplayed.

So I searched during that phase intensively for a winning move or winning way, but could not find it. But in the post mortem with my oppent I realized it at once. I had missed an effective tactical blow.

And what is the moral of it?

Do not forget to train the tactics, even if you think you are good at it!

(see the winning move and variations in move list. If you want find the winning move by yourself, please look in puzzle underneath )
















Try to find the winning idea by yourself!