Install a dangerous Pawn in the Near of Opponent`s King!

Dec 25, 2010, 3:25 AM |

Presumely you know it already but installing a pawn in the near of your opponent`s king can have "amazing" effects.

Please first look at my first example. The position came up in the game between strong female chess players. It shows how dangerous a pawn installed in the near of opponent`s king can become



So White had just played 1. Bxe5 and decided to remove the dangerous f3-pawn next move.   Actually it followed 1. ...fxe5 2. Qf3  and after some further move Black won the game.

 But, surprisingly both players overlooked  a simple win after 1. Bxe5??  Black could have mated in 2 with the help of the pawn f3. Do you see it?


In the next example the things are not so simple. With the help of the f6- pawn White could have started fireworks ... (all variations you can later find under solution)


In my last example Black is busy creating a dangerous pawn in the near of white king. He even sacrificed a bishop for it!