A Pawn majority in center as a decisive Factor

Oct 3, 2013, 2:03 AM |

Please look at the following position :




This is a pawn structure which often occurs in early middlegame. White has a 4:3 pawn majority on king side, Black a 3:2 majority on queen side. Of course, as we know, it is a pawn structure which favours Black in the endgame cause of the option of a distant passer.

But before the endgame comes the middlegame. And here are White`s chances if he knows to use his own pawn majority. Here an example with it:

Euwe said about the postion after 16.e4: "This is already a winning strategical position for White." As we have seen the power of the advancing center pawns and the wise improvement of the knight were actually decisive.

So, what can we learn from it? May be this: Let us use the pawn majorities in our own games  as a "weapon" for a win.