Break open a Bishop Barrier!

Dec 12, 2011, 1:36 AM |

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Last week I showed in two training lessons an interesting technique: Break open a Bishop Barrier!

 "Well, that sounds cool. But what is a Bishop Barrier?" some of you may ask. Okay, let`s look at the following diagram


The e5-g7 pawn barrier stops the activity of the bishop on this diagonal. Okay, he could switch to another diagonal. But sometimes it is better to break open the barrier with f4 and g5

Now, please look at the following example:



White is a pawn down, but has definitely compensation ( the active rook). But how should he go on? "Well, let`s improve the bishop!" some may suggest. "Let`s play Ba3!"

Presumably I would have be one of those, who would have made such a suggestion. Indeed, the improvement of the Bishop is the correct idea. But Ba3 would be the second best continuation.

The best continuation is breaking open the barrier!



Yesterday, in a QTB-team match, I became the chance to use this technique very effectively. Besides, in great time trouble I slipped at the end and it was a draw. But this doesn't minimize the great effect of breaking open the barrier before, I think :-)



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