Breakthrough on queenside!

Jun 16, 2010, 3:26 AM |

Please look at the following position. It came up in one of my rapid chess games ( 15 minutes)




It is a dutch opening with a typical closed stonewall-formation in center. Black is attacking on kingside and white is prepared to do so on queenside. We know similar positions from the King`s Indian opening.-

In such positions it is, - ,regarded from white`s point of view,- very important to stop the black initiative on kingside. Then on the long run he will win on queenside.

So here an example what could happen if white doesn`t worry about the kingside attack



So white isn`t well advised to ignore the black kingside attack. The attack against point h2 and the sacrifice Nxg3 is too strong.

Therefore I prepared directly for it:




The black  initiative on kingside has been stopped, but how to breakthrough now on queenside?

I prepared my pieces for it without haste:



After the preparation now the decisive breakthrough!