Dangerous Counter play ... and a happy new Year!

Dec 30, 2013, 9:29 AM |

In a just finished online game - my opponent and I didn`t take it too seriously - I got a bad position. After the early middle game I faced a material state of "three pawns behind":



So, what to do? I decided to take one of the pawns, although it might come to an exchange of  the queens. But there would have been some piece activity and some hope for a draw.

My opponent avoides that exchange and got soon under pressure. His king became now the target for my pieces


So, what we can learn from this game? Perhaps not to give up in a bad position but to search for a chance to turn the tables. In that game I went for piece activity and counter play.

My opponent probably should have better exchanged the queens, although there might have been some drawing chances for me. But it would have been not easy to manage it and White could have played without any risk of losing the game. Nevertheless, a "good" game of both sides.