Different-coloured Bishops can be dangerous supportive Pieces in Middle Game

Mar 19, 2012, 11:45 PM |

Most of us know that endgames with different-coloured bishops have a high draw probability. But in the Middle game it is just the contrary. Different-coloured bishops often become strong supporters in a mate attack.

In the following position ...


... the black king looks endangered. An ideal opportunity for a different-coloured bishop to become a strong supportive piece. White managed in the next 14 moves to reach following position

The white Bishop-Queen diagonal connection is impressive, isn`t it? So, here you can see, how White managed it

So White gave here a lesson how to use a different-coloured bishop in Middle Game, didn´t he? Of course he did! And Black only could wait resignedly for his "execution", or?
But when I posted this game on a German chess site, someone wrote in a comment that he would had liked to have seen White`s face, if Black had played ... after 25. Bh1!
First I thought he would kidding me, but than I got it ...! What was his move suggestion?