Good knight vs. bad bishop - the whole story in one game (3)

Mar 7, 2011, 1:40 AM |

We are looking forward to see how GM Andersson reached following advantageous endgame position


As you could see in the both previous articles the game started with an English hedgehog opening

White managed to control queenside and center, and then advanced with his pawns on hingside.

Black tried to reduce the kingside pressure through piece exchanges. Nevertheless he remained with a weak point d6.


Today we shall see how White pressured on the weakness d6. But Black could defend it. So White created a second weakness and intensified the pressure on black position

(If you have  already read the both last posts please start with move 23)


Creating a second weakness is a well-known measure when attacking the first weakness is not enough!

Next time we shall see how Andersson transformed his pressure on the second weakness into a concrete advantage


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