The Usefulness of an Opening Repertoire

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The most exciting and difficult position in chess! Do you agree? How to go forward from here on?

At or at other servers it is allowed to use databases in online chess games. So there is no necessity for building up an opening repertoire.You can play every opening you like or you are interested in. You can look into databases or books to find a good game continuation and the correct move order.

Of course, this doesn`t work in OTB-games. There is no laptop or chess library in the background with correct  "sea maps" of the "ocean of possibilities". Therefore it is very useful to build up an opening repertoire helping to get  unharmed through the opening phase.


The word repertoire includes the word repetition. That means that you are decided to repeat opening moves in your OTB-games. And that means that you will have to exclude many interesting openings. You will have to reduce your repertoire to a number of special openings and their subsystems. So you will not loose the overview.

" But that is just what I love in chess! This infinite choice of possibilities. Chess is for me an adventure from the first move on! I feel bored by the thought of reducing my possibilities!" some may think.

Well, that sounds logic. But in my view it isn`t. Building up an opening repertoire is an exciting adventure and will give you more pleasure in your games. The way is the aim!


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