The Improvement of a "bad" Bishop

Dec 26, 2009, 7:19 AM |

As a passionate French player you will know the problem of the "bad" bishop on c8. It is the typical French pawn structure of black, which let it be a bad one! He is hindered by his own pawns to play an effective role in game


There exist many instructive games the white strategy had been successful to let  the black find himself in a poor endgame: good knight against bad bishop


So it is very important for black to improve his "bad" bishop in time. But how to do this? One hope for the bishop is, that the pawnstructure in center will change and the pawn e6 is removed. But if not he has to search for other ways:

A) The d7-e8- h5 route



B) The b6- La6 route