In memoriam Bobby Fischer- one of his beautiful games

May 22, 2008, 5:32 AM |

 Fischer was after his great victory over the "gentleman" Spasski very prominent in Germany and many young players - inclusive myself - came to chess. Here his famous game against Letelier ( Switzerland?).  The comment is my presernt for you . Please enjoy it


1. d4 Nf6

2. c4 g6

3. Nc3 Bg7

4. e4 0-0                                             An invitation to go forward?















5. e5!?                                  Letelier doesn`t hesitate ...

 5. ...        Ne8

 6. f4                                     ...building up a "great" pawn center

 6. ...        d6

 7. Be3       c5!                       And Fischer doesn`t hesitate ...














8. dxc5 Nc6

 9. cxd6 exd6                          ... to destroy it on cost of one pawn and the

                                             offer of a second one

10. Se4                                  Letelier seems to get appetite. But he moves with

                                            an already moved figure. He looses time...

10. ...  Bf5                            ... and Fischer gains time

11. Ng3?                                Suddenly black changes his mind. Perhaps he 

                                            thought: " This young plays so quickly and looks so

                                            concentrated. Better I let him his pawn!" -

                                            third move with the same piece

11. ...   Be6

12. Nf3 Qc7

13. Qb1 dxe5                        now the center is completely destroyed

14. f5    e4!!                         black  has a big lead in development, so

                                           he opens the game 















15. fxe6 exf3

16. gxf3 f5!

17. f4    Nf6

18. Le2 Rfe8 

19. Kf2 Rxe6                                  Now ist materially equal, but the lead in 

                                                    development for black  has remained

20. Rhd1 Rae8                                black is ready ...

21. Bf3   Rxe3!                              for a decisive attack! Never hesitate, when all

                                                   preparation is done!
















22. Rxe3 Rxe3

23. Kxe3 Qxf4!!                      After this beautiful queen sacrifice, white is lost.

                                            if he accepts he will go mate by Bh6. So he

                                            resigns! There is no hope any more.