It started with the Improvement of a bad Bishop!


A few weeks ago I finished an online game that I would like to share with you. I had a more or less passive position when I suddenly got the chance to improve my bad bishop by a pawn offer. This was the beginning of a general improvement of my pieces.

I´m deeply convinced that  activity and coordination of pieces is the main principle in chess. "The better you can execute this principle the more success you will have", I dare to say.

So, in the game I was able to follow that principle by 4 steps:

1. Activation of the Bishop

2. Activation of the Rook(s)

3. Activation of the Queen

4. Mate with coordination of all three remaining pieces




In my view the game shows how important active piece play is. The sacrifice of a pawn or sometimes even a piece can be a well invested payment for it. You will read probably more about it by me in future!