My best Loss: Power play along the f-file!

May 1, 2009, 12:58 AM |

The following game is probably one of my best I played here at It was against a strong danish player (rating 2200) I had some problems in the early middle game, so that my opponent succeeded with installing a strong knight in my position and was ready to move forward with his  pawn majority on queen side. No good prospects for me! 

So what should I do? Wait till he breaks through on queen side?  I decided to go for "all or nothing" on the king side" ! I  started a power play in the f-file




So why did I resign such a excellent game? 

At that point I had decided. cause of some private irritations ( I do not want explain this closer), to resign all my other games. And going on with only this game would have been unfair to my opponent. It would have caused a big loss of rating points for him. So I gave up this game with some regret, too!