Pawn Storms to break open King Castles

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Pawn Storms as preparation for a decisive mate attack are often seen in chess games. So, please, have a look at following position








Obviously White has an advantage. His bishops, aiming already in direction of the black king, are very promising. And Black`s counter play on queen side will take time. But how to go on? Well, the answer is given already in the the title of this article. White came forward with his king side pawns:

Of course, there was no much hope for Black to survive that mate attack. All white pieces (except the king) and g +h-pawns  were in attack and Ra8, Re8 and Bb7 were excluded from Black`s defence. So there was a Plus of 3 white pieces on king side. This made the difference!

Finally an example from a vote game that just has finished:


So, when time for a pawn storm has come, do not hesitate!