Fight for initiative: better pawnstructure versus kingside expansion

Jul 3, 2010, 7:48 AM |

Please look at the following pawnstructure:




It is typical one coming from the Nimzo-Indian opening. Naturally it is better for black ( white doubled pawn and the a2 pawn are "weak") ,so white needs some compensation for it. Normally it is the pair of bishops and attacking chances on kingside


So let us look at a famous game with this theme, when black succeeded in hindering any white compensation and kept his own chances ( play against white pawn weaknesses):


1. opening:

The better pawnstructure versus the pair of bishops:



2. Black strategy in early middlegame:

Playing against the weakness in pawnstructure (c4) and hinder

a )the expansion on kingside


b) the efficiency of the pair of bishops


For a better understanding another diagram:




Here we can see the black play against c4 , the pawn blockade on kingside and the uneffective pair of bishops.

And so it went on concretely:



Black strategy was a full success. White has no active counterplay and no othercompensation, but his pawn weaknesses on c4 and a3 still exist. Black has the initiative