Strategy in chess: 1. "Do not be too careless to develop your pieces during opening phase!"

Jul 26, 2008, 12:56 AM |

As you can read in my profil, I teach chess for 4 years in local chessclubs.  Only strategic themes.-  Inspired through the just started weekly blogserie of "My system" from likeforests (according to Nimzowitsch ), I thought it could be also a good idea to share some strategic themes with you. Perhaps one per month!?-

So as Nimzowitch, please look in likeforests blog, I start also with the theme :

1. Quick development in chess opening

Therefore I will present now  a game, I played here at - It demonstrates what happens, when someone sins against the main rule:              Develop your pieces quickly. Do not make unneccessary pawn moves!  

Here the game:

1. Part :

An unnecessary third pawn move (h3) from white - black takes the lead in development    

















Part 2:

"If you have a lead in development, open the position!"


















Part 3:

White misses his last chance - long castling !


















Part 4 :

Final countdown -  black attacks the unsafed king!
















I hope, this game has clearly shown, what happens after the opening sin of neglecting piece development in the opening. It leads possibly to great problems in the further game and often ends with a loss!-

Next month I will post on my blog another strategic theme!