Strategy in chess : 2. lead in development - not always free!

Aug 2, 2008, 1:52 AM |

2. Sacrified material for quick development!

In my first  strategy lesson last week I presented a game of my own practice. My opponent made in the opening one or two unnecessary pawn moves and I got a lead in development - free!

But most of the times we do not get this lead in development free. We have to pay for it. And often material  is the the currency in which we have to do it.-

Today we shall see  a game at grandmaster level.  Black gives a piece for quick development and after that  he keeps the pressure high by further quick development and active piece play. White has problems with his undeveloped kingside ...  But see yourself:  

(As always I divided the game in four parts.  Variations you can see in move list!)


Part 1 :

Black gives up his bishop pair and gets a small lead in development
















Part 2:

Black is in danger to loose lead in development - and sacrifies a  piece 















Part 3:

White accepts the sacrifice and black gets the initiative                                    















Part 4:

Being under pressure white overlooks a tactical threat                                                                          















Lesson 3 will follow !