Strategy in chess: 4. "Gambit accepted or declined - it is your choice!"

Aug 11, 2008, 2:14 AM |

So in the last lesson ( lesson 3)I wrote about the concept of gambit: Offering a pawn for quick development.

Today in lesson 4 I want to make clear, that it is your choice to accept oder decline a gambit. If you like to have a small material adventage and trust in your defense skills,- why not accept? If you fear active piece play of your opponent, better decline! Or you know not exactly, then try both in unrated games against friends. It will become clear, what is more in your favour. What typ of chess player you are!

So please look at the following position: Black played a variation of Budapest Gambit ( the Fajorowicz-gambit) and white is a pawn ahead

















White is now at a crossroad. He has to decide, whether accept gambit finally with 6. exd6  or play  more restrictive 6. Lf4 and give the pawn later back. Let`look at both possibilities:

1: 6. exd6 ( keeps the pawn)

















2: 6. Bf4   (gives the pawn back)















In this example it seems to be better not to accept the gambit. But often it is only a matter of personal taste . Perhaps in well-known Marshallgambit . Grandmasters decline or accept and both is o.k!

So in your games you have to decide, whether you accept or decline gambits. Have a good choice!

lesson 5 is intended!