The Caro- Kann Defense - a solid Opening for Black

Apr 26, 2012, 6:11 AM |

The Caro - Kann Defense ( 1. ... c6) has a good reputation as a very solid opening against 1. e4 . The main idea behind it is to attack the e4-pawn with 2 . ... d5. Unlike  the Scandinavian Defense ( 1. e4 d5) after exd5 again a pawn will come with cxd5 on d5. And differently to the French Defense (1. e4 e6) the Bc8 is not locked in.

 Most of the games are starting with following position:

Here  White has four main continuations:
A) 3. Nc3               
to keep the tension in center

B) 3. e5
with a closed center formation

C) 3. exd5
with a half open center formation

D) 4. f3
 to keep the e4/d4 center formation

Every center formation has consequences for the planning and the logical flow of the game.


I will start with

A) 3. Nc3                
the Classical Variation.

3. ... dxe4 4. Nxe4

is the normal continuation here. Here now I recommand the old main Variation:

4. ... Bf5

I think that is very logical to bring out that "problematic" bishop before playing e6.

Continuation will follow