The Coincidence in Chess

Dec 6, 2010, 6:06 AM |

I think everyone has his/her own stories about the the theme "coincidence" in chess. My short "coincidence"-story is from last Friday in my Chessclub.

On that evening I had given a lesson when it came to following position



White would`t do well taking the pawn on d4 cause of Nxb4! But it also threatens 1. ...c5! and black is back in game. So white decided to give the exchange to hold the initiative




After the training a member of the club asked me playing a game or two with him.

In the second one we reached following position



Naturally I had the better position and would have liked to play now 1. Qc7. But then would come the interruption with 1. ...Bc5+ and I would have to invest the exchange. I hesitated.

But then suddenly I remembered my lesson before. Karpow gave the exchange for good pieceplay and two pawns. So I decided to follow his example and to do the same.


Of course, you may think that this is not a dramatic coincidence. I agree! :-)

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