The fourth element: the harmony of pieces

Jul 19, 2009, 6:45 AM |

You know the four main elements in chess ? The first three  are clear:

1. Space          =           the chessboard

2. Material      =            the pieces

3. Time           =           piece moves

But what could be the fourth? According to the famous chesstrainer GM Suetin it is:

4. harmony of pieces



Here a game from the just finished IM-tournament in Dortmund / Germany between two 22-year old players, where the fouth element became decisive


After the opening black had a small lead in development. But the endgame with the different-coloured bishops looked very drawish.

 Nevertheless Black organized a masterfully pieceplay. In contrast to this white pieces suffered the whole game under a lack of harmony. It became  the decisive difference in that game


At the end I inserted an optional move instead of the game move , because it would have been a more classical end of that "perfect" game.