Working in the background : a powerful bishop on b2!

Aug 9, 2009, 6:20 AM |



Some time ago I posted here in my blog

A good bishop on b2!

and praised that bishop.

Here now two new examples with that theme.


Last friday a friend  showed me a position from one of his games. He had the white pieces












I think that black`s position is better with that awful "hole" on f3 and the whitesquared weaknesses around the white king. Perhaps simple

1. ...Rad8

would have lead to clear black adventage.

But instead of this simple and logical move the black player, also a friend of mine, played

1. ...Bh6

and was countered by a surprising move













So in the first example we have seen the power of the Bb2 without he does move. He works effective in the background and supported the "heavy pieces"attack.-

Here in the second example there is already an impressive bishop on b2. Again white sacrifies an exchange to free the full powerof the Bb2 ,which again is working in the background



Try to find the decisive move. And the the power of the Bb2 working in the background