The Story of a Rook

Jun 21, 2012, 7:31 AM |

"Well", the Ra1 said, " you ask me to tell you my story?" He made a long pause, then he sighed and said: "It`s a long story with many ups and downs. I have played on all chessboards of the world, at least I had been part of the teams" He made another pause.

"To make a long story short", he continued, " there are some games I remember very well. For example in 1973, when I played in the team of Karpov. Really, it was a pleasure to act under such a master. And I enjoyed the role I had to play ...!"


"So, do you know what I mean?" he asked. Then he shook his head with disagreement:  "Often players play a mate attack and forget me on a1.  I shout and say: Please let me help. But the players do not listen. And at the end ... a painful defeat. But here, Master Karpov brought me together with my brother to the seventh row ..., and Victory!"  He smiled brightly and leaned back, closed his eyes and was lost in deep nostalgy.