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    • Tennison Gambit

      first of all thanks to G_J CHESS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1uwqlAvVtdE   I TRIED THIS GAMBIT AND HAD ALOUT of wins but you need to play carfully even if you win queen !! im not sure i show evrything but black has several responses so... | Read More

    • why i love the king gambit

      i love the king gambit very much i remeber when i played in the park against some old man from russia he alwayes beat me with this gambit . the white gives pawn but get strong attack evry small mistake of black its the end. espesially i love the m... | Read More

    • nice chekmate

      somtime it gets to nice checkmat while it is quite rare .. | Read More

    • Attack all forces !!!

      somtimes where you under attack the only choice is to make xarakirir and attack with all the forces look at this great game with andreas   | Read More

    • rook cook

      the power of rooks seen here | Read More

    • mirror ?

      here black copy white moves  | Read More

    • 1 minute game

      i was thinking what to do in one minute game and think about nicve opening | Read More