why i love the king gambit

i love the king gambit very much i remeber when i played in the park against some old man from russia he alwayes beat me with this gambit . the white gives pawn but get strong attack evry small mistake of black its the end. espesially i love the muzio gambit whe sacrifice a piece to attack the king on f7. i remeber lost two time in muzio gambit against anonymous player one time i was black and had two extra pieces and lost and the other time i was white also lost in is very sharp game so i give here one simple game when black made mistake and was checkmate .,..


  • 7 years ago


    indeed you have to play 3.e4 if you play 2d5... and I'm sure that if you try playing this  old russian guy with white and play the kings gambit that is exactly what he will play, which is a gambit countering the kings gambit, giving black initiative for a pawn.

  • 7 years ago


    in 2 move black can take the pawn on f4 this accept the gambit instead he refuse and play d5 .

    in move 3 the black should play e4 prevent the knight on f3 instead he take the pawn

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