I didn't cheat

I didn't cheat

Feb 20, 2018, 10:46 AM |

My previous account has been closed one time before, and yes in short I was cheating.

But to be fair I was trying to train myself by this cheating!! I know it sounds weird but I didn't care much about the rating since my highest achievement was between (1500-1800) . So there is no point of cheating I am not high rated anyways.

I am a self trained chess player.. a big fan of the game and the community.. I don't have coach or books or anything close to that.. all I have is chess.com and a chess club close to where I live and a chess board..It is not enough along with my goals but for the time being unfortunately that's all I can do !


So back to the point in my previous account I tend to play and if the position repeated I analyse the game in the middle and make better decision for couple of moves ... Believe it or not it was working and my chess was becoming better.. however that was cheating no matter what the purpose was I agree and I DO NOT advice anyplayer to do the same for the following reasons :

  1. My chess abilities  increased in certain positions due to the memory and that is a big part of chess but not the core !!
    As my calculations and whole understanding for the positions went below the pillow.. especially in this area (1500-2100) it is way more important than memorizing certain moves for the opening i.e someone would argue that the memory is the most important part in chess and I agree but not this type of memory ... the important one is where the player understands why these moves are better than others and where he/she knows which is the outcome of these positions (which the chess educated players call the pattern recognition ).
    So to sum up it was like someone memorizing the answers for a math test it is good only when the teacher is lazy and stupid .. but it ruins the logic thinking!
  2. Enjoy the game to get better .. I wish I can explain it but it is what it is , when you love it you become good at it.
  3. If you don't know it already you have to reach a chess treatment!! ( You are better than the engine!!!!)
    Yes you are better maybe not in calculation but in the whole understanding of the game so get their help but always argue the engine's opinion until you know the truth!
    I was analysing on chess.com computer 10 which is almost (2600) and we already know that a lot of player can defeat this rating and you can be one of them one day but not by memorizing what a 2600 is saying !
  4. I don't know if the masters would agree but I think for chess in general and especially OTB it is so important to have the confidence and face the music and try to comeback from a worst situation.. and when you cheat you won't get that.

Cheating is wrong , you are harming your play before others... however analyzing the games is necessary to get better .. whenever you are doing it after/ before / between the games !! You have to adjust according to your opponent's plan or even better set new traps for him and that is what I believe is called preparation.

And it is totally legal to do so I know that since in the sole tournament which I played in we could reach computers and chess boards between the games besides all the elite chess players do that, and it gets crucial when you are facing the same opponent (or the same plane to say the least) and even more when he sticks to one thing that he prepared.


After all of this I would like to share with you what happened today with me !!!
I played a player rated 1443 after I dropped from approximately 1800 to 1500 this month since I was playing from my mobile and I made many finger’s slips which I resign usually afterwards… And I beat him 5 games where he beat me 2 games we were playing blitz with the time format 3:02  the order of the games was (1-0-1-0-1-1-1) from my side).

And we did horrible mistakes and blunders such as hanging queens but in our defense they were  3:02 games and me personally for the first 4 games I played from my mobile ( it is really hard to play blitz from a mobile phone ) then I switched to my computer.

And here are the first 5 games we played and as you can see …the words terrible , ugly , bad and blunders are competing to describe our play in the most accurate way!!

the first game ( I am playing white)
The 2nd game ( I am playing black ) as a blitz game that was very good by him.


the third game! I won , but I played so bad!!

4th game I honestly was talking with my girlfriend while playing and she was asking when are you gonna propose.. so it is safe to assume that I almost wasn't playing+ so many finger slips


I don't know what to say here !! speachless I mean I though ,, Ok !!


However for most of the games I wasn’t comfortable from the mobile aspect and the inappropriate time ( I should be working on my master’s thesis right now and not playing chess) and last but not least what annoyed me the most the two games that I lost, I mean he was always playing with the same method ( as you can see he sacs 2 up to 3 pawns to get the killer bishops)  and I knew that it alright if not better to accept this sacrifices. From previous chess games and previous personal analyzing. So what I did after the 5th game was that I played the ( chess.com computer 10) with the same method my opponent used only this time I played many logical moves to see how it would react and I analyzed the games we played to discover that he got me scared from the opening but other than that he was blundeing when it gets sharp and he wasn’t handling his clock wisely. And then we played the following two games and he started to hand his pieces around.. ( a queen - bishop or an exchange ..)

the 6th game finally something to show .I was better almost all the way according to the computer but for me (during the game personal evaluation) it was equal until 15.Nd5 where he put hisknight under the upcoming pin and I though I was wining and afterwards he collapsed! 

The 7th game, the type of game where you win because your opponent played obvious stright forward line super easy to calculate + I prepared it before 

After he lost the last game I have been notified that I am under investigation from the chess.com authorities , I knew that all of my moves were good since all of them were straight forwards and super easy to explain.. However I wanted to check by an engine ( although that was not really necessary since I got the many moves from him anyhow but before the game) and all the moves were good or excellent and one was inaccuracy one time and good in another..


Guess What !!! when your opponent blunders (a queen for instance or a three move simple tactic e.t.c) and when you are relaxed and not in a time trouble  it is so easy to play best moves. ( at least good moves). Had he played something really unexpected or mix it up a little I would probably have lost my cool and maybe mistake or a blunder like the 4th game (since I was in a time trubble after I shifted from my mobile phone to the computer..


Of course making a new account is so much easier than writing this essay but I wanted to clear this issue and to ask you what do you think..

And maybe even more I was hoping for someone from the chess.com community to read this and help us change the policy to be more accurate and maybe give more chances.

For example I am playing chess more and more and I am taking it serious day after day simply because I love it .

I beat a FM (OTB) more than once ( in blitz and in classical chess) and in my previous account in chess.com in blitz and bullet I have beaten even an I.M. but that as for my low rating are a bit misleading and inaccurate.. They are both somehow right and wrong at the same time!

I believe that I am smart , I watch a lot of chess , I analyse a lot and I play a lot of tactics everyday.. This is why I have done some very good games OTB or in the internet.

However I am not educated in chess I never had a coach and never read a book about chess and I more importantly I don’t care about my rating. I believe this is why I hold such a low rating and sometimes I play very poorly.

If any chess ( specially a titled player can give me advices, that will be highly appreciated).


This is my first time blogging in chess and in my life in general. I hope you like the topic or for someone to read it at least . Excuse my language mistakes and please give me your opinions!!