Greetings fellow chessnuts. This blog is much like my middle game... almost nonexistent.  Nevertheless, here is a little about me.

My name is Greg, I'm half a century old and then some, I live in middle Tennessee, and I love chess although I'm not very good. In fact, I'm not even a little bit good but I really do want to improve my game. However, despite my best efforts and years of practice, I have not gotten better. If anything, I have gotten worse. My online rating here on has dropped 100 points or so from what it was just a few years back when I joined. I think I know more about chess, but my rating does not reflect it. It might be that I'm not capable of getting better, but I still have hope and study when time allows. Occasionally I will blindly and unknowingly make a good move, but it's rare. I use the tactics trainer here on, watch instructive videos on YouTube, work on my end game when time allows, and play in daily matches. I'm always up for a game so challenge me if you want a good laugh. 

When I'm not playing chess I am often dabbling in one of my other many hobbies. Birding (what used to be called birdwatching), beekeeping, gardening, and amateur radio take up a lot of my spare time. I also belong to several volunteer organizations and generally enjoy being outdoors.

Finally, some of you have asked about my screen name. It's an anagram of my first and last names.

Best, Greg