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    • My winning streak on chesscube

      Here are some of the games I have played while on chesscube. I've been on a streak lately.           | Read More

    • Fred games.

      Everyone knows that the fred defense is one of the most stupidest openings in chess. Just slightly better than the Kings bongcloud. But apparently if played correctly, it could give black some chances even with the exposed king. White usually lose... | Read More

    • Im back everyone

      Hey everyone. Monsterking is back. I have been gone for a while for several reasons but the main one was actually having a good time at chesscube as well as getting into weight training and p90x. At some point, I forgot I even had an account on he... | Read More


      I love this site I really do but I have been inactive in playing for 3 reasons. 1, too behind on school work and have to catch up and theres a chance that I wont graduate on time (I have accepted this) and I really need to get in my credits befor... | Read More

    • Top 10 most powerful openings.

      Welcome back everybody. This post will be explaining the top 10 best openings in chess history! May god praise these openings!   Number 10. The Ruy Lopez. Perhaps the greatest most complex openings out there. I respect this opening as it was ... | Read More

      • monsterking
      • | Jul 26, 2011
    • Grünfeld Defence is the shizznaz!

      My games with this defense. This is probably one of the most best defenses for black. Its turning out really well for me in my blitz play. Here are some games.     Now this game I used it to beat a 1900!! | Read More

    • 18 QUEENS!!!!!!!!!

      Me and my friend weaponking decided to try the impossible. Getting 18 queens and we did it! It took 108 moves to do so. Really hard but it only took us 30 minutes.      This is just the diagram. Heres the game.     The impossible ... | Read More


      Me and a friend got bored and decided to see if we can get 10 rooks and no mate!  Orignally he was gonna mate me, but decided to stalemate me for the heck of it.      Next may be 10 bishops or knights and possibly promoting EVERY pawn int... | Read More

    • QUEEN SACK!!

      This is a game I have just recently played and did a queen sack. Took me a while to think through all the moves though.   | Read More

    • Interesting computer analysis of the stonewall.

      | Read More