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Dragondorf part 1

May 8, 2011, 10:59 PM 1

There are 2 very famous variations of the Sicilian defense. The dragon and the najdorf, the best Sicilian lines of all. But I read a book one day called "the new Sicilian dragon" by simon williams. He put these 2 openings together and called it the "dragondorf, but I like my name better.. The fire breathing najdorf! lol. just kidding that sucks.

The dragondorf is just both Sicilian systems played at once with a interesting appearance as shown...









Looks like black is doing a Najdorf and dragon. Its actually very good for black as it hits really good play in the middlegame. Now heres a game with a early Bc4 in the game.


Nothing different from a regular Sicilian though both sides could have played better and I was hoping black would win that game just because I love that sack on c3 until black gave up his advantage and allowed white to get counter play on his exposed it. If you noticed in that game, black didn't castle so as a general rule castle early. Great game though.

Too be concluded!

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