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Jan 1, 2012, 1:42 AM 4

I love this site I really do but I have been inactive in playing for 3 reasons.

1, too behind on school work and have to catch up and theres a chance that I wont graduate on time (I have accepted this) and I really need to get in my credits before its too late. Too much time on this site has cost me that.

2. I usually test my chess power on other sites and often teach some of my family and friends how to play.

3. The main reason why I stopped playing is because of the cheaters. My rating used to be in the 2000s but some cheaters knocked it down to the 1900s. From what I have, 1 out of 10 games you play on this site, 1800+ your gonna run into a cheater. Im tired of seeing my rating go knowing cheaters did it. I can accept it if a person won fair and square. Just check the cheater list. HUNDREDS of people get caught for cheating EVERY DAY. Some make new accounts just to cheat again after their other account was closed. There are low lives on here 24/7 cheating and stealing ratings with their little programs thinking no ones ever gonna find out, often little kids disguised as adults on the internet getting excited when their rating goes up using engines.

I understood that there were cheaters and always will be but the I also stopped playing out of sheer disappointment. I had two friends on this site. One was named, eric_C and the other was flamethro. They were one of the best chess players I saw on this site. However, when their moves where analyzed, they were exactly like houdini and were reported and their accounts are now disabled for cheating. Its like everyone is a cheater. You cant trust anyone. I have lost most of my respect for this site and thing is, I know people on this site who still cheat and yet are still on this site stealing rating points from others who have earned it.  I have checked everyone in my friends lists and they all have at least 4 to 10 cheaters in their games. What a shame. Even when I lived in Houston Texas, I overheard a conversation about this site, one of the boys said, "chess.com has a lot of cheaters on their site. I dont go there anymore COST ME TOO MUCH RATING POINTS".

Chess.com is great at catching cheatrs but until they catch nearly all of them are catch them at a faster pace or able to warn a player that their facing a cheater, Im done. I mean, it may not seem like a big deal to you guys but look at this.


Since 2009, cheaters have been running rampant on this site and many others. Skip to the current date, LOADS of cheaters. Each page is flooded with cheaters every month and sometimes just a few weeks so imagine how many cheaters are still on this site now? Cheating is like a death rate, its inevitable and is going to happen.

Im tired of having to risk playing a cheater. Its like a man vs a lion, you cant win, its more powerful and can overwhelm you easily. At least 1 out of 10 games, your gonna be cheated. Until the majority of it stops, Im done. However I will not leave forever, I will continue to play online chess and post new stuff on my groups and POSSIBLY play unrated bullet with a few friends.

Until then, I will no longer play a serious game on here.

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