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    • Still out of shape / re-crossing 1300 blitz

      Back in December 2012 I was fortunate enough to get my blitz rating above 1500.  Since then it has not been going so well, as this graph shows: Everything went downhill in 2013, and I briefly dipped below 1300!  The main problem was losing on ... | Read More

    • First win vs. titled player

      Some background on this game:  It's part of a Scotch Opening thematic tournament.  It shows you how long this tourney has been running that it's from when I was still playing 1.e4!  Black is a young Polish IM named Kacparov.  His rating is not... | Read More

    • A bad day for Black...

      I'm almost done with a online (turn-based) thematic tournament featuring the Scotch opening.  My round 5 opponent (this tournament has been going for years!!) @AaronMay caught me sleeping in our first game, but I gave him some payback i... | Read More

    • Out of shape / Crossing 1500 Blitz

      About 8 months ago, I got this project at work that turned out to be all-consuming.  I was spending day and night on this thing, as I had to climb up a bunch of new learning curves simultaneously.  It's not over yet, but the end is in sight.  T... | Read More

    • Everything I need to know about chess I learned by watching Bleach.

      Lesson 1 - Look for opportunities to play devastating moves, on every move. Ichigo (talking about Hollow Ichigo):  He's spinning Zangetsu around by the wrapping on the hilt!  I didn't even know you could do that! An excellent recent example of... | Read More

    • I was waiting for revenge, but it never came.

      Here is my game against Batraski from last night.  I'm now 3-0 against him in regular slow games (G/2hrs with 5sec delay).  Hence the title.  I was waiting for him to get his deserved revenge, but...  Maybe next time, Guy. This game has an... | Read More

    • My suggestion to FIDE.

      I submitted the following suggestion to FIDE at their official site: Reposted here word-for-word:   My suggestion is to select the first move by White at random from an a pre-approved list.  An example l... | Read More

    • Tactical Blind Spots? (Learning from a Bxh7+ sac that should have gone wrong.)

      I recently accepted a random challenge here on from someone 400 points lower rated.  Analysis shows that I should have lost this game against good defense, but instead I mated my valiant opponent in 15 moves.  The point of showing this... | Read More

    • Rainbow Puzzle Post 2

      Last time we got up to orange.  I would have kept going with the colors but this next puzzle is so cool that I had to use it in a new post. Remember to click on "Move List" to go through variations! Coordinates are on the board.  I get confu... | Read More

    • Rainbow Puzzle Post 1

      I'm going to use this post to list favorite puzzles.  I plan on updating it periodically with more puzzles until it just gets too long and I need to create "Puzzle Post 2".  Please post your own favorite puzzles in the comments!  Remember to cl... | Read More