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A Pawn Too Poisonous to Swallow

A Pawn Too Poisonous to Swallow

Jan 23, 2010, 12:35 PM 0

I play few chess games online at the same time but when I do I take detailed notes of my plans and thoughts. Regularily, I will try to bring you a tightly-annotated game of mine where a specific topic is addressed. For today, it will be...

Poison Pawn

What is a poison pawn? A poison pawn is a pawn you snatch from an opponent, a pawn that will make your life miserable. Your opponent overlooked your threat, he forgot to defend that pawn and you, with a giant smile and a bang on the board, took it. Now you just have to wait till the endgame and the game is yours. But no, your opponent just smirked and forked your queen. In a second your day was spoiled.

This game presents the topic of the poison pawn and combines it with the strenght of the open diagonals on which a pair of bishops can threaten the enemy's king. It also touches on pawn structure and pawn center, but above all illustrates the idea that when you attack you have to be swift, ruthless and accurate.

But first, find the winning move:


















And here is the full tightly annotated game for your viewing pleasure:

Did you had a situation when you or your opponent became a victim of a poisonous pawn? Share it here!

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