PRO Chess League week 3 Predictions

PRO Chess League week 3 Predictions

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Undeterred by the fact that I am in last place amongst the predicting crowd (week 1 did not go so well...) I carry on with my bold predictions!

The PRO Chess League has been a bevy of excitement. I've always thought this was the way to popularize chess - lots of games at a rapid time control, with commentary. It's nice to see it finally happening.

Eastern Division:

Delhi 11 - Amaravati 5

Delhi is too strong across the board... which is a phrase that works in two ways, if you think about it.

Shymkent 5.5 - Mumbai 10.5

Mumbai proved their mettle last week and will do it again in week 3.

Odisha 7 - Ljubljana 9

A recurring theme - I will be picking the Direwolves every week.

Gorky 7.5 - Riga 8.5

Match of the week. Riga by a hair. 

Johannesburg 6 - Belgrade 10

The lower boards decide this one.

Budapest 9 - Norway 7

A very tight match. I'll take the slight underdogs by a hair.

Central Division:

Appledoorn 6.5 - Hamburg 9.5

Swashbucklers all over the Apes this week.

Marseille 9 - Amzterdam 7

No MVL, No problem. The Migraines bounce back with a win.

Abuja 5.5 - Reykjavik 10.5

Never bet against a Puffin. Never.

Dublin 9 - Canes 7

Ruslan Ponomariov, a superstar free agent, carries the day for the Irish.

Lagos 1 - London Towers 15

Lagos is gonna need a bigger boat. I offer my free agent services, once again.

London Lions 6.5 - Stockholm Snowballs 9.5

Stockholm too strong this week. Staying with the Swedes.


Buenos Aires 7.5 - Montreal 8.5

Going with the Chessbrahs and their ace, Li Chao, over my favorite Kraken squad this week. Sorry, but don't cry for me, Argentina.

Miami 9 - Patagonia 7

Miami too strong up top.

Columbus 4 - Toronto 12

Columbus too weak up top.

New Jersey 10  - Carolina 6 is Carolina.

Philadelphia 9 - New York 7

Match of the week in the Atlantic is either this one or Krakens - Chessbrahs. Philly gets the edge here.

Atlanta Kings 7 - Montclair 9

The Sopranos made me an offer I couldn't refuse.



Las Vegas 10  - Pittsburgh 6

The Desert Rats are deep and strong.

Saint Louis 11 - Minnesota 5

MN doesn't have its strongest lineup, which will hurt this week.

Portland 6 - San Diego 10

Outgunned, Portland is. Hipsters, they need.

Webster 9 - San Francisco 7

Webster too strong on the top 3.

Seattle 7. 5- Dallas 8.5

Dallas has a very solid squad this week - which they will need.

San Jose 9 - Rio Grande 7

Very concerned about San Jose's board 4, but for now, I think they'll be alright.

Good luck to all the teams!